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New Hampshire Theme Parks and Scenic Railroads

There is no shortage of family fun options in the White Mountains – natural and manmade, and if amusement parks are your thing, we’ve got you covered! Storyland in Bartlett and Santa’s Village in Jefferson are the most popular ones. Both will please the young ones, but as parents ourselves, we have to say, we rather enjoy them ourselves! These parks cater to a younger crowd, but they also fill adults with joy – between the atmosphere, ambiance, and nostalgia factor, it’s always a good time! 

We are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences in the stunning White Mountains of New Hampshire. Whether you’re seeking a cozy cabin or a lavish lodge, we offer the perfect accommodations for your adventure. Join us as we explore the exciting world of New Hampshire theme parks, providing a comprehensive guide to family fun and entertainment in the heart of the White Mountains.



Storyland Theme Park

Storyland, located in Bartlett, is the epitome of family-friendly fun. As you enter its gates, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm where fairy tales come to life. This park has been captivating the hearts of visitors for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The enchanting atmosphere, whimsical attractions, and interactive storytelling make it a perfect destination for the whole family.

💡 Find out more on the Storyland Official Website.

storyland theme park new hampshire

Source:  Story Land NH

Attractions for All Ages

At Storyland, you’ll discover a delightful array of attractions suitable for both the young and the young at heart. There’s something for everyone, from gentle rides for the little ones to thrilling adventures that will leave teenagers and adults exhilarated. Don’t miss the wooden coaster, a favorite among adults and older kids, which provides an exciting twist amidst the enchantment of the park.

Immerse Yourself in the Magic

What truly sets Storyland apart is its commitment to creating an immersive experience. As you wander through the park, you’ll encounter beloved characters from classic fairy tales, each ready to engage with your family in an enchanting way. From meeting Cinderella in her castle to embarking on adventures with Humpty Dumpty, every encounter is a chance to create cherished memories.


Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village in Jefferson is a dream destination for those who can’t get enough of the holiday spirit. This whimsical park brings the magic of Christmas to life throughout the year. It’s not just for kids; adults will immerse themselves in the holiday cheer, making it a place that truly appeals to all generations.

💡 Find out more on the Santa’s Village Official Website.

christmas theme park new hampshire

Source:  Santa’s Village

Meeting Santa and His Elves

At Santa’s Village, you have the opportunity to meet the jolly man himself, Santa Claus, along with his cheerful elves. This magical encounter will make you feel like a child again, and it’s a memory your family will treasure forever.

Thrilling Rides and Water Park

Santa’s Village is not all about Christmas decorations and holiday cheer; it’s also packed with thrilling rides and a recently expanded water park. It’s the perfect place to cool off during the summer months while enjoying the festive atmosphere.


Water Park Adventures

If you’re seeking aquatic adventures during your visit to the White Mountains, you’re in luck. Whale’s Tale Water Park awaits your splashing enjoyment.

Whale’s Tale Water Park

Nestled in the scenic town of Lincoln, Whale’s Tale Water Park is an outdoor oasis perfect for cooling off on a warm summer day. With a range of water slides, lazy rivers, and splash zones, this theme park promises hours of aquatic excitement for the entire family. Enjoy the thrill of plunging down water slides or simply relax by the pool – Whale’s Tale has something for everyone.

Whale’s Tale Water Park provides a variety of water slides, ranging from thrilling plunges to more relaxing options. The lazy river offers a leisurely float, and the splash zones provide a safe space for younger children to enjoy the water.

💡 Find out more on the Whale’s Tale Official Website.

theme parks in new hampshire


Family Fun Beyond Theme Parks

The White Mountains offer more than just theme parks; there’s a wide range of family-friendly activities to explore. North Conway, in particular, boasts several exciting options for a day of amusement.

North Conway also offers an arcade and several mini-golfing options for more family fun! Pirate’s Cove has 2 separate 18 hole courses, and UberBlast has mini golf, arcade, and Laser Tag. White Mountain Family Golf in Bartlett is also worth mentioning, but it’s not always open so check first! And of course, there is also Pirate’s Cove sister property in Lincoln, NH – Hobo Hills Adventure Golf.

On the Lincoln side, always fun is also Clark’s Trading Post, home of the famous “trained bears.” With rides, museums, and the famous shows, this attraction has been operating since 1928, and was an Editor’s Pick in Yankee Magazine’s Travel Guide to New England.


Scenic Railroads

Not quite an amusement park, but the Scenic Railroads often delights visitors displaying magnificent views of the area. There are themed trips, dinner cars, foliage tours, and more!

  • Conway Scenic Railroad offers rides through Crawford Notch, between the beautiful train station in the middle of North Conway and all the way to Bretton Woods. They have different trips and experiences based on the season, from dinner train to murder mystery trips to foliage sightseeing and the popular “Polar Express” ride during the holiday season.
  • Café Lafayette Dinner Train in North Woodstock.  With a two hour train ride complete with a  5 course dinner aboard 1950’s restored vintage rail cars, the Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train is a dining experience of a lifetime.

And of course, don’t forget the most popular train of all: the Cog Rail!  Aside from the “cool factor”, the Cog Rail also happens to be the oldest mountain climbing cog rail in the World, with over 150 years of history! And speaking of cool, don’t forget that the train whisks you to the summit of Mt Washington, home of the “World’s Worst Weather”, and snow can happen even in the summer. Be prepared and enjoy an amazing ride! Shorter rides are available in the winter as well for those who want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.


Your Adventure Awaits in the White Mountains

white mountains amusement parks

New Hampshire’s White Mountains offer a treasure trove of family-friendly theme parks and attractions that cater to all ages. From the enchanting Storyland and the year-round Christmas wonder of Santa’s Village to thrilling water parks and other exciting activities, there’s something for everyone.

As you plan your Bretton Woods vacation, take advantage of the magic of these theme parks and attractions. At Bretton Woods Vacations, we are committed to making your stay unforgettable. From cozy cabins to lavish lodges, we provide the perfect setting for your adventure in the White Mountains. Visit us to explore our properties, book your favorite vacation cabin today, and embark on a wonder, excitement, and relaxation journey!

Join us in the White Mountains and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Your adventure awaits, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the heart of New Hampshire’s natural and man-made wonders! ✨🏞️🎢