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Bretton Woods Vacations’ GOOD NEIGHBOR FUND

Help us show that vacation rentals can benefit the community!

As a leader in vacation rentals, and with our direct involvement in town government, we are keenly aware of the struggle that the burgeoning vacation rental industry has created within our neighborhoods, our towns, and among our residents. Visitors are sometimes seen as a nuisance, a drain on town resources and a sometimes loud, boisterous inconvenience.

We know that is not at all the truth. Most of our guests are respectful, excited travelers who enjoy the quiet peace of our area and are respectful or our neighbors and our communities. However, what you may not know is that a VERY small portion of the taxes you pay make it back to our town. And yet, our town personnel provides constant support for us and our guest – from ensuring the safety of our homes to assisting our guests should they become stranded during a winter storm or worse, injured skiing or hiking. Our town is not a wealthy community, and small amounts of money can make a big difference.

For that reason, we have launched a new initiative, Bretton Woods Vacations’ GOOD NEIGHBOR FUND. Through this voluntary, non-tax deductible donation, our guests can say THANK YOU to the cast of characters that, behind the scenes, makes your vacations possible, enjoyable and most importantly, safe. Your donation will contribute to things from new equipment for our first response personnel to a public ice rink so that resident kids and visitors alike will be able to go ice skating! This initiative launched on April 1st. Check back here for updates and please click on the button below to make a contribution!


We rise by lifting others

Robert Ingersoll

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