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Biking in the White Mountains


The lush landscapes of the White Mountains beckon to be explored, and what better way than by bike? We at Bretton Woods Vacations believe in providing you with unforgettable experiences, and a biking adventure through these magnificent terrains promises just that. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie craving the challenge of downhill trails or someone seeking a tranquil ride amidst nature, the White Mountains have it all. Come join us, and let’s embark on a two-wheeled journey like no other!



Bretton Woods: The Mountain Biking Paradise

Bretton Woods, home to our beloved vacation homes, isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an adventurer’s playground. If you’re looking for top-notch mountain biking trails, look no further. In collaboration with Cranmore Resort and Loon Mountain, Bretton Woods boasts exhilarating downhill, lift-served mountain biking trails. These trails cater to all, from novices to seasoned bikers. The extensive network set in the breathtaking Bretton Woods valley stands on the renowned x-country ski trails, promising a unique biking experience. Need a bike? Worry not. Whether you choose to rent from the resort or Drummond’s Ski Shop, you’re sure to find the perfect ride. Dive deep into the biking trails by visiting Bretton Woods Adventure Center.


Top Bretton Woods Biking Trails

Bretton Woods is more than just a biking destination; it’s a holistic experience. Every twist and turn of its trails tells a story, every descent thrills the soul, and every uphill climb rewards with unparalleled scenic beauty. Whether you’re an experienced biker looking to conquer new terrains or a newbie wanting to take in the sights at a leisurely pace, Bretton Woods promises an unforgettable biking experience. So, gear up, hit the trails, and let the enchanting world of Bretton Woods unfold beneath your wheels!


Two Miles Home

  • Type: Downhill

Two Miles Home isn’t just a trail; it’s an exhilarating experience. This descent offers a rush like no other, with its varying terrains tailored for those hungry for a heart-pounding ride. Whether you’re dodging between trees or speeding over rocky patches, this downhill journey promises a fusion of thrill and skill.


Range View

  • Type: Cross-Country

Range View offers more than just a biking trail; it presents an ever-changing canvas of the majestic Presidential Range. It’s a relatively gentle ride, but the panoramic views will take your breath away. Every pedal stroke brings forth a new picturesque frame, making it an evergreen choice for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.


Stickney Trail

  • Type: Cross-Country

Delve deep into the heart of the forest with the Stickney Trail. It’s an immersive experience with a medley of terrains that challenge and excite intermediate bikers. The trail sings the song of the woods, accompanied by rustling leaves and distant bird calls. It’s nature and adventure all rolled into one.


B&M Trail

  • Type: Cross-Country

Step back in time as you traverse the historic B&M Trail. Once a buzzing railroad track, this trail now offers bikers a serene journey through scenic vistas. As you navigate its length, the echoes of the past mingle with the beauty of the present, making for a reflective and peaceful ride.


Corridor 11

  • Type: Multi-use

Corridor 11 is a testament to the harmony of nature and adventure. It’s a shared haven for both bikers and hikers, unraveling the diverse landscapes of Bretton Woods. Every turn introduces a new facet of the region, from whispering woods to shimmering streams, crafting a mosaic of memories along the way.



  • Type: Downhill

For those who live in the rush, Swoop answers the call. This downhill marvel is a labyrinth of jumps, berms, and tight turns that challenge even the bravest of bikers. It’s not just a trail; it’s a test of mettle, skill, and sheer will.



  • Type: Cross-Country

The Ammonoosuc Trail is where tranquility meets adventure. Follow the gentle whispers of the Ammonoosuc River as you embark on a peaceful journey across verdant meadows and shaded woods. It’s a rejuvenating experience, one where you can lose yourself to the rhythms of nature.


Perimeter Loop

  • Type: Cross-Country

Encircle the enchanting realm of Bretton Woods with the Perimeter Loop. True to its name, this trail provides riders with an expansive tour of the region, touching every nook and cranny. From serene forest glades to panoramic outlooks, it’s a carousel of experiences that paints a full picture of this biking paradise.



  • Type: Downhill

Sluice is not just a trail; it’s a rite of passage. Reserved for the seasoned, this downhill route presents a series of challenges that demand respect. With steep descents and intricate paths, it’s a ride that will leave even the most experienced bikers with an undeniable sense of accomplishment.


Granny Scott

  • Type: Downhill

Granny Scott is where novices transform into pros. This downhill delight, with its smooth flow and gentle challenges, provides a safe space for bikers looking to refine their downhill prowess. It’s a nurturing trail, one where every descent and turn builds confidence and skill.


Downhill Thrills

For the adrenaline chasers, Bretton Woods offers a variety of downhill trails served by lifts. These trails are specifically designed to cater to adventure junkies who revel in the thrill of speeding down mountain terrains. The meticulously maintained tracks, with their twists, turns, and occasional jumps, ensure a heart-pounding experience from start to finish.


Cross-Country Explorations

But Bretton Woods isn’t just about the thrill. The same grounds that host the renowned x-country ski trails in the winter transform into a paradise for mountain bikers in the warmer months. Cyclists can enjoy miles upon miles of cross-country trails, each offering a different challenge level. From gentle slopes that meander through dense forests to more demanding terrains that test your skills, there’s something here for every level of biker.


A Scenic Experience

The real charm of biking in Bretton Woods lies in the unparalleled scenic beauty that accompanies each trail. As you pedal your way through the trails, you are treated to panoramic views of the Presidential Range and other peaks of the White Mountains. The harmonious blend of dense forests, babbling brooks, and expansive meadows creates a mesmerizing backdrop for your biking adventure.


Amenities and Rentals

For those who don’t own a bike or didn’t bring theirs along, Bretton Woods ensures that the fun isn’t missed. The resort area offers top-notch bike rentals, providing models suitable for both downhill and cross-country biking. Additionally, for newcomers or those unfamiliar with the extensive trail network, guided biking tours are available. These tours, led by experienced guides, ensure you get the most out of your biking experience, all while learning about the rich history and ecology of the region.


Safety First

Bretton Woods takes the safety of its visitors seriously. All biking trails are well-marked, and regular maintenance ensures they remain in top condition. Moreover, bikers are provided with safety gear, including helmets, and are briefed on safety protocols before they set out.


Franconia Notch: The Challenge You Need

In the world of biking, there are trails, and then there are legends. Franconia Notch, nestled in the heart of New Hampshire, belongs to the latter. While its reputation might seem intimidating to some, it promises an adrenaline-packed biking adventure that avid cyclists often dream of.

Still eager to uncover more biking wonders in the White Mountains? White Mountains Attractions has an informative blog post that’s bound to satiate your curiosity.

Biking Trails that Test Your Mettle

Franconia Notch’s biking trails are not just paths – they’re gauntlets thrown down by nature, daring bikers to take them on. Each trail, with its unique set of challenges, pushes you to the edge, only to reward you with vistas that are nothing short of breathtaking.

  1. Franconia Notch Recreation Path: A 9-mile point-to-point trail that runs through the heart of Franconia Notch State Park. It’s known for its scenic views, especially at Echo Lake and the Flume Gorge.
  2. Cannon Mountain Loop: A challenging route offering panoramic views from the Cannon Mountain summit. This trail might test your limits but rewards you with unparalleled vistas.
  3. Lafayette Place Campground Loop: A moderate trail suitable for most bikers. This loop provides beautiful views of the Lafayette and Liberty peaks.
  4. Pemi Trail: Following the Pemigewasset River, this trail offers a serene and scenic ride, perfect for families and recreational bikers.
  5. Old Man of the Mountain Memorial Route: This trail takes you to the site where the iconic ‘Old Man of the Mountain’ granite profile once stood. It’s a tribute to New Hampshire’s state symbol and a route filled with history.
  6. Cascade Brook to Basin-Cascades Trail: A combination of paths, this route offers riders the chance to witness some of the most beautiful waterfalls and cascades in the region.
  7. Bike the Kinsmans: This is a challenging route, not for beginners, taking riders through steep terrains but granting spectacular views of the Kinsman Mountain range.
  8. Echo Lake Beach Circuit: A leisurely route suitable for families, this trail loops around the pristine Echo Lake, offering opportunities for picnics and swims.
  9. Artist’s Bluff Trail: While shorter in length, this trail is a must-visit for those looking to capture breathtaking sunrise or sunset views over the Franconia Notch.
  10. Tucker Brook Trail: A trail less frequented, offering a serene experience as you navigate through dense woods alongside the gentle Tucker Brook.


The Uphills and Downhills

The ascents can test even the most seasoned biker’s stamina and resolve. But as you pedal upwards, with every rotation, every muscle contraction, you’re not just conquering the terrain, you’re surpassing your own limits. The exhilaration of the downhill sections, meanwhile, is unparalleled. The wind in your hair, the blur of greenery, and the rapid heartbeat all amalgamate into a heady cocktail of thrill and joy.


Panoramas that Steal Your Breath

But what truly sets Franconia Notch’s biking trails apart is the reward that awaits atop. As you crest a challenging incline or navigate a tricky bend, the landscape unfolds in a panoramic spectacle: Majestic peaks piercing the skies, verdant valleys cradling sparkling streams, and the golden hue of the setting sun painting everything in a rosy glow. These views are the biker’s trophy, an affirmation that every ounce of effort was worth it.


Great Glen Outdoor Center: Pedal and Ponder

Beyond the confines of Mount Washington lies another biking haven – the Great Glen Outdoor Center. Offering pristine paths that are a delight to traverse, this Center ensures your biking expedition is nothing short of memorable. They also offer convenient bike rentals, ensuring that all you need to bring is your passion for biking.

When it comes to the Great Glen Outdoor Center, it’s not just about biking – it’s about immersing oneself in the embrace of nature. Nestled at the base of Mount Washington, the center stands as a testament to the beauty of the White Mountains. The majestic peaks, the whispering pines, and the gurgling streams together craft a serene backdrop, making every ride a meditative journey. As you pedal, you don’t just travel across trails – you journey through an ever-changing canvas painted with the hues of the seasons.

Bike Trails for Every Rider

Whether you’re a novice rider looking for gentle terrains or an experienced cyclist seeking challenging trails, the Great Glen Outdoor Center has something for everyone. The meticulously designed trails range from flat beginner loops to steeper, technical tracks that test your skills and endurance. And it’s not just about the thrill – each trail offers its own unique vantage point, presenting panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


Meadow Loop

A favorite among families and beginner bikers, this flat loop offers a gentle introduction to mountain biking amidst scenic meadows.


Porcupine Lane

An intermediate trail, Porcupine Lane, weaves its way through dense forests, offering glimpses of local wildlife along the way.


Guided Tours and Eco-friendly Rides

For those unfamiliar with the trails or looking for a more enriched experience, the center offers guided tours. Led by experienced guides who are passionate about both biking and nature, these tours provide insights into the region’s ecology, history, and conservation efforts. Special eco-friendly rides, often conducted during the early mornings or late evenings, allow riders to observe and appreciate the local flora and fauna, transforming a simple bike ride into a nature expedition.


Modern Amenities with a Personal Touch

Beyond the trails and the bikes, it’s the amenities and the warm hospitality at the Great Glen Outdoor Center that make the experience truly memorable. The on-site café serves local delicacies and refreshing beverages, ensuring that riders can refuel after their adventures. The pro shop stocks a range of biking gear and souvenirs, catering to both the practical and the whimsical needs of visitors. And, of course, the convenient bike rentals – featuring a fleet of modern and well-maintained bikes – mean you can simply show up with enthusiasm, and the center takes care of the rest.


Tranquil Trails for the Soul

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, the “Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail” (XNAT) is your best bet. This trail stretches a whopping 83 miles, encompassing dirt roads, scenic paved backroads, rail trails, and dedicated bike paths. Starting from the Vermont border in Woodsville and culminating at the Maine border in Gorham, it’s an adventure mountain bikers dream of. The trail map and more can be found on the XNHAT website.


Preparing for the Journey

Given the length of the trail, it’s essential for bikers to be well-prepared. While the XNAT is suitable for bikers of varying skill levels, it’s crucial to have a map, ample water, and provisions for the journey. Numerous rest stops and towns along the way ensure that riders can replenish their supplies and rest their legs.


Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge: Nature’s Canvas

Another gem in the heart of the White Mountains is the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge. This locale offers 8 miles of easy trails, making it perfect for family outings. The beauty of the Refuge is bound to captivate your senses as you bike through its picturesque settings. For more insights on what awaits, visit the Friends of Pondicherry page.


A Biker’s Eden

The bike trails at Pondicherry are nothing short of a dream for those who crave a gentle yet mesmerizing ride. Stretching over 8 miles, the trails cater to both the novice biker and the seasoned cyclist. Families find it especially enchanting, as the trails’ ease allows even the youngest members to enjoy the ride without any fuss.


Majestic Wetlands and Birdwatching Bliss

As you navigate the trails, you’ll come across the refuge’s pristine wetlands. These wetlands are nature’s amphitheaters, hosting an array of bird species that treat onlookers to an aerial ballet. From the majestic ospreys diving for a catch to the tranquil herons wading gracefully, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts are in for a treat.


Forests, Meadows, and Panoramic Views

Further along, the trail meanders through dense forests, their canopies filtering golden sunbeams that dance on the ground. Open meadows adorned with wildflowers add vibrant splashes of color, making the journey feel like you’re pedaling through a living painting. And every so often, clearings offer panoramic views of the distant Presidential Range, completing the scenic tapestry.


History Whispered through the Trees

But Pondicherry is not just about natural beauty; it’s a place where the whispers of history can be heard. The remnants of old railroads speak of an era gone by, and the occasional old signpost or structure adds to the sense of nostalgia. As you bike, you’re not just moving forward on a trail; you’re journeying through time.


Your Stay in the Heart of Adventure

While biking adventures offer unparalleled excitement, having a comfortable place to rest and rejuvenate is paramount. At Bretton Woods Vacations, we promise you just that. Our vacation homes, nestled in the heart of the White Mountains, provide the perfect blend of luxury and homeliness.


Ready for an Unforgettable Experience?

Come join us at Bretton Woods Vacations. Let’s create stories, share laughs, and make memories. Whether it’s pedaling through majestic trails or unwinding in our cozy vacation homes, an unforgettable experience awaits. So why wait? Dive into the plethora of summer activities and book your favorite cabin now! Your White Mountains adventure is just a click away.