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White Mountains Photography by Matt Vaudo

Bretton Woods Vacations is proud to announce our partnership with Matt Vaudo Photography! Some of our favorite pictures are on display at our CR11 slopeside condo in Bretton Woods – but anyone can have one of these beautiful photographs sent directly to their home by purchasing here!

Matt is a landscape and adventure photographer local to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. “My landscape work in the White Mountains is a culmination of many amazing and once in a lifetime moments that I’ve shared with these mountains,” he tells us. “From the famously beautiful fall foliage to the snow capped peaks of the Presidential Range, I’m excited to offer these images as fine art prints. Living right here in the White Mountains, I have developed a strong identity behind my camera. I’ve built a deep connection with photographing the outdoors and crafting a meaningful frame. I have also found a passion for photographing big mountain landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, the night sky, and beautiful forests. I hope you enjoy my images and I cannot thank you enough for supporting my work.”

We hope you will enjoy his work – whether online or during your stay at CR11, but most importantly, that you will choose to support our local artist community by purchasing one of his amazing photographs!


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Maple Syrup 8.45 oz
Maple Syrup 8.45 oz
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