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Elementary School Playground Fundraiser


RAFFLE CLOSED! $750 raised. Thank you to all those who participated!

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Our kids need us… and you can help!

The Whitefield Elementary School, which serves the communities of Whitefield, Dalton and Twin Mountain/Bretton Woods, is an amazing place. Our kids have been attending for a few years and we have been truly impressed. It’s impossible not to be touched by the dedication, care and love that the staff pours into raising kids from an incredibly diverse socioeconomic background, including many underprivileged children. However, every time we drive by schools in more affluent communities, we hear our kids say – we wish we had a playground like that

What’s the problem? The school has some very limited playground structures that are 32 years old. They are in poor shape at best, and it was determined that for safety reasons they will need to be completely removed this year. In 2018, the school started a committee to plan and fund a new playground. It’s not just a nice-to-have. Playgrounds allow kids to develop balance, improve fitness, engage in collaborative play and  learn teamwork. A properly designed playground allows for the development of those skills, for kids of all abilities and age groups.  

However, with just a few months left, the school is still almost $80,000 short of its target. If additional funds cannot be found, the only option will be to remove some features like monkey bars, swings, etc. and leave local kids with a substandard playground. It shouldn’t be that way, and this is where we come in. 

We can help! Bretton Woods Vacations has been working to raise funds through owners’ donations, which the company matches dollar per dollar up to $10,000. 

You can help, too!  

GIFT CERTIFICATES: We are offering $500 gift certificates that can be redeemed towards a stay at any of our 100+ properties (max 1 certificate per booking), and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Playground Fund!


Click on the link below “Playground Donation Options” to donate any amount that you would like.


Venmo @whitefieldplayground


Total Raised to Date (including matching contributions): $11,100 (last updated 4/11/23)


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