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Welcome to the Moose Lodge and Cabins! The following products are available as add-ons to your stay at Moose Lodge, Owl Roost or Bear Cabin. We hope you have a fantastic vacation and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

NOTE: To purchase, click on “Buy Now” buttons for the desired product(s) and then click on the shopping bag on the bottom right of the screen! Quantities can be adjusted at checkout.

Maple Syrup from the Moose Lodge!

Take home a sweet reminder of your stay at the Moose Lodge and Cabins – or enjoy with your breakfast during your vacation! We now have small quantities of 8.45 oz souvenir bottles of homemade maple syrup available. The syrup is collected by hand from the maple trees that dot the property, and boiled over several days on an open fire, giving a sweet, mildly smoky flavor that you simply cannot find in store bought syrup! The official rating is a “grade A dark,” but of course that’s rather meaningless since some of the color also comes from the caramelization that occurs during the process. The syrup will be waiting for you inside your cabin upon your arrival!

Firewood Bundles

Each bag is filled with as many logs as we can fit (generally 2-5, depending on log size). The wood was harvested and processed from the woods that surrounds the cabins, and it’s a mix of softwoods, hardwoods and standing dead wood. Not the highest quality, but perfect for a quick burning fire to roast a few marshmallows! Wood will be delivered to the rack outside your cabin (by the firepit at Moose Lodge, by the driveway at Owl Roost, and on the deck at Bear Cabin).